Modifi is a locally owned and operated ski company specializing in making environmentally friendly skis from locally reclaimed wood in an effort to decrease Bozeman’s carbon footprint for future generations. The broken mono - stroke logo represents a forced connection imparting the idea our skis are comprised of multiple pieces coming together to form a cohesive object. The “M” also functions as a connection combining a mountain and tree. This conveys the idea of environmental sustainability.


All the skis are comprised of wood top sheets to cut down on the use of plastics. The top sheet graphics illustrate animals native to Montana to reinforce that it is a locally made product. The illustrations are all hand drawn by myself and symbolize that Modifi believes in protecting habitats in which these animals populate. The logo is burned onto the top sheet with a cattle branding technique exercised in Montana.


The Modifi website encompasses a minimalist design concept making navigation simple. On the homepage, its slogan “Preserve Your Passion” is the first thing viewers notice to exhibit Modifi’s vision. The ski pages encompass custom made icons indicating profile, sizes, and what terrain the ski is meant for. Modifi’s sustainable design page also includes custom made icons, once clicked they display information about how Modifi resources environmentally sustainable materials.